It's safe to assume that the majority of people who watch Stranger Things have finished season 2, and while it is a great show, every rose has its thorn. This season saw a ton of new characters jumping into the plot line. From new love interests, antagonists and friends- this season definitely turned the series into a story bigger than just those four boys on their bikes. 

While some new characters were welcomed with open arms, there definitely were some characters and changes in the plot (both old and new) that weren't as openly accepted. So if you want to see which characters on Stranger Things have been met with a bit of apprehension (and are quite honestly the worst), keep reading! 


The minute Billy came on screen I immediately thought that he looked like someone or something I had seen before. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was the crypt keeper, seriously, google it and tell me Billy does not have the same hair as the crypt keeper. This guy is so weird and for a “high school bully,” he’s pretty terrible at it. Literally, the worst thing he did was push Steve during a basketball game and... turn off the water while he was taking a shower? What is intimidating about this? Am I supposed to be intimidated? Or just left mildly uncomfortable whenever he’s on screen by what looks like the remnants of Donald Trump’s toupee glued onto his head as an excuse for hair?

Jonathan Byers

Jonathan Byers, AKA exhibit B, a close second to Clay on 13RW, of how girls will hype up the most average looking boys on the planet because they are on a popular tv show,  is the worst. While the fact that this boy is seriously overhyped is out of Byers' control, what wasn't out of his hands was his camera when he was literally taking photos of Nancy while she was getting freaky with Steve. How did we all, as a Stranger Things fanbase, just collectively forget about this?!? Nothing about the way he sulked around school all of season 1 taking pictures of people without their knowledge was normal and he still gives me the damn creeps. 


I knew I was going to hate Nancy the second the "bullshit" scene ended because that single-handedly had to be one of the hardest 2 minutes of television I've had to watch in a while. That scene was close to CW's Jughead "I'm a weirdo" scene awkward and was just so weird. Also, Jonathan over Steve? Really? Apart from obvious reasons, can we just talk about how Nancy is literally dating a guy who was borderline stalking her with a camera during season 1? What about this is normal? 

Whoever was in charge of styling Eleven's new makeover. 

They may not be a character on the show but if someone could just direct me to whoever destroyed Eleven's style... I just want to talk. Seriously though, it looks as though the poor girl fell into the Topshop clearance section and was given 30 seconds to pick out an outfit... while simultaneously blindfolded. I don't know who voted for her wearing whatever atrocity that blazer is that looks as if it has a football player's shoulder pads installed in it but that look is definitely not "bitchin." 


Don’t even lie to yourself you hated Bob until he died and now suddenly the entire Stranger Things fanbase is living a giant lie claiming that they all loved Bob from the get-go. I am a firm advocate for Hopper and Joyce Byers and I know I am not alone when I say that I not only predicted but hoped that he would get killed off within the season. Don’t get me wrong, Bob seems like he was a great guy and it’s nice that he went out with a bang but can we all stop pretending like we actually were rooting for this guy the entire time? 

Every single girl at the Winter Ball that curved Dustin 

DUSTIN. DESERVES. BETTER. Not only did this poor boy get curved by Max but he pulls up to the Winter Ball looking fresh AF and gets curved by everyone. Nancy's only redeeming action throughout this entire season was dancing with him but I will continue to patiently wait for the Demogorgon to swallow up that entire school next season. 

Mad Max 

While Mad Max is definitely not as bad as her brother, she is such a random and pointless character. Throughout the entire season, her and her damn skateboard kept rolling into every scene where she added practically zero substance to the plot except for throwing a wrench into Dustin and Lucas' friendship. We get it, you're from California and therefore use a skateboard to go everywhere even if it's easier to walk because you are probably from #Venice *insert eye roll*. 

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