Black Mirror is easily one of the most popular shows on Netflix today, not only because it's so addicting, but because it has an eerie quality of realness to it. The show really makes you think twice about what's happening in the world around us, and sometimes, it can freak you out a lot more than you'd like to admit.

Although Black Mirror has 4 seasons on Netflix right now, it's likely that you binge-watched your way through those pretty quickly, and are ready to start a new, equally f*cked up series. Here are some of our favourites that are bound to have you captivated:

1. 3%

This series was adapted from a short film on Youtube, which tells the story of a futuristic Sao Paulo where poverty-stricken twenty-somethings are forced to fight for a chance to reach the promised land via various mental, physical, and social challenges. It's quite remnant of 'The Hunger Games' and shows just how ugly human beings can get when put in certain situations.

Watch it here

2. Residue

Residue is a three-part series, starring Iwan Rheon and Natalia Tena from Game of Thrones. The series tells the story of a photojournalist who is trying to uncover a dark truth that the government is hiding. After an explosion causes her futuristic hometown to be quarantined, the plot thickens, and things become even more intense.

Watch it here

3. Slasher

If you're a fan of American Horror Story, you'll love Slasher. The series tells the story of a young woman who returns to the town where her parents were brutally murdered at a young age. At the same time, a new killing spree begins, and things get seriously f*cked up.

Watch it here

4. Sense 8

Not only does Sense 8 feature some of the cast of Black Mirror, it also has a ton of very prominent plot connections. Sense 8 is about eight human beings who all become mentally and emotionally linked to one another, and are able to use the others knowledge, language, and physical skills to their benefit.

Watch it here

5. Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is based on a novel by Richard K. Morgan, and takes place 300 years in the future when humans have uncovered a way to digitize their consciousness and download it into different bodies. The entire series makes one question whether we are comprised more of our body or our minds.

Watch it here

6. Mindhunter

If you're interested in the minds of serial killers, this is the series for you. Mindhunter follows two FBI agents in the 1970s who are on a quest to delve deeper into the minds of some of history's most terrifying murderers.

Watch it here

7. Travelers

Yet another Netflix original that rings a bell to Black Mirror is Travellers. This series follows an FBI agent as he tracks four totally different human beings who suddenly undergo complete personality changes. As the story progresses, startling discoveries about humanities future are made.

Watch it here

8. The OA

Although it isn't set in a dystopian future like Black Mirror, the OA is equally as eerie in a sci-fi sense. The show is about a young woman vanished from her hometown seven years about but has suddenly returned with mysterious new abilities. 

Watch it here!

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