Game of Thrones spoilers are as guaranteed as the sun rising. Every season of the show so far has been beset by spoilers and leaks, and fans are making damn sure that Season 8 will be no different.

Up until GoT's fifth season, spoilers weren't much of a problem. You could venture over to your nearest Indigo, pick up a paperback copy of the book and spoil it for yourself anyway. But since the show surpassed George R. R. Martin's novels, spoilers have become somewhat of a nuisance for the show's creators.

Now, new "leaked script pages" have been found on the internet, and they reveal some major, major things. Don't get too excited though. The alleged scripts are nothing like the catastrophe that was the Game of Thrones leak of October 2016, where one guy leaked pretty much every detail of Season 7's scripts at the time of filming.

If true, these spoilers are still pretty big. But not Season 6 big. So what do the alleged script pages say? Well, there's two scenes both set in King's Landing, a character-turned-White Walker and a serious pregnancy reveal.

*Warning: spoilers ahead"

Basically, the script page shows that Jaime is learning that Cersei plans to blow up King's Landing with wildfire. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast is on the streets.

Here's what everyone is thinking, thanks to the alleged leaked scripts: Jaime kills Cersei, then The Mountain kills Jaime and finally, The Hound and Brienne kill the Mountain.

Then everyone lives happily ever after. Sort of. King's Landing will probably be almost entirely destroyed thanks to other set spoilers, most likely due to both wildfire and blue dragon fire (this is a supported claim).

Let's just say Season 8 is going to be hella good.

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