When it comes time to plan a party, it's only natural to discuss what kind of theme you want it to be. People love things like masquerade balls and costume parties that give them a chance to get creative and dress up as someone other than themselves, even if only for a few hours. Over the years, people have begun to bring themes to things like weddings as well, even if it's just in super subtle ways. Things like "country" or "winter wonderland" can come into play given the right location and time of year, but seldom do you hear about weddings that are based on TV shows. A Handmaid's Tale themed wedding near Toronto is receiving tons of hate online.

Earlier this week, a Canadian wedding photography company added a photo (that has since been deleted) to their Facebook page of a couple celebrating their big day. This may not sound newsworthy, but this photo was different than what you typically see — it showed the couple kissing in front of The Hanging Wall from the hit show The Handmaid's Tale while surrounded by handmaids from the show in their infamous red capes. The photo has received a ton of backlash online, and people on Twitter really aren't impressed with the couple or the photographers.

The tweet has received over 31,000 likes and 4,500 retweets so far, and people are not being shy about sharing their strong opinions on the matter.

"Everyone knows the core of a successful hetero marriage is having access to sex slaves. That's just tradition," tweeted one user." "Sounds like some fans who missed THE ENTIRE FUCKING POINT," added another.

The wedding photographers, @vandaeleandrussel have been responding to comments about the controversial photograph, claiming that the whole reason for the shoot was to spark conversation about an important topic, which they have accomplished.

Many people don't believe the photographers and are accusing them of "backpedalling" in order to save their image and company name from being absolutely trashed.

This isn't the first time The Handmaid's Tale has sparked controversy. A few months back, Kylie Jenner had a themed party for one of her best friends where they all dressed up as handmaids, and the billionaire received a ton of flack online for it.

If you yourself are a fan of the very popular show, you'll be excited to know that Margaret Atwood has written a sequel to the book called The Testaments, and it will be getting its own show as well!

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