When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to do was play with Barbies. As I got older, I spent less time playing with them, and more time wanting to look like them. Who else is with me?! Barbie was a super impressionable character in many of our young lives - she always had that image of "perfection".

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In recent years, toy company Mattel has struggled in sales, especially with the closing of Toys R Us in the United States, and with the increasing number of children who have access to digital technology. Why play with an actual Barbie doll when you can use your iPad to play online Barbie games? 

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Because of this decline in sales, Mattel has had to get creative in finding new ways to bring in revenue. The solution? A live-action Barbie movie, starring none other than uber-talented actress, Margot Robbie. If there's anyone who's perfect to bring Barbie to life, it would have to be her. She's starred in other phenomenal films such as I, Tonya, Suicide Squad, and The Legend of Tarzan.

A trailer and release date for the film have yet to be shared, but we're anticipating more word over the coming weeks. Since the announcement of the film this morning, Mattel shares have surged as much as 5%, meaning that their plan to increase revenue just may be working in their favour.

Source: CNBC

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