This article was originally published on February 28th, 2019.

If you haven't heard the name 'Dirty John', then you're living under a rock. Ever since the show was available to stream on Netflix Canada on Valentine's Day, fans have been intrigued, scared, and not wanting to date again. Well, get ready because all of those feelings will come back x10000. A new Dirty John documentary is on Netflix Canada with the real people involved and it's so chilling. 

If you're not familiar with the whole Dirty John story, it's about a wealthy woman named Debra Newell who meets a doctor online whose name is John Meehan. They fall quickly in love, so quickly that they get married after a couple of months, even though her daughters knew something was up with him. They tried to tell her, and she only realized it after very, very obvious signs. 

Well, we'll be able to get more details from the family involved, past girlfriends, and even police who were involved in this case. Dirty John the TV show was based on this true story, however, for entertainment purposes, they had to add and take stuff out. This new documentary on Netflix Canada called Dirty John: The Dirty Truth tells us everything and more. 

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Via Netflix

The whole documentary gives in-depth details of what it was like dealing with John Meehan and the reason why Debra stayed so long. While the Netflix show Dirty John did do the story justice, it's always interesting to hear from the actual people themselves. 

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If you can't wait for the second season of Dirty John, then watch Dirty John: The Dirty Truth in the meantime. Just when you thought the story couldn't get any more twisted, you hear from everyone involved. It does. 

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