If you can remember way back to 2018, you may remember when a film called Bandersnatch came to Netflix and completely changed the game. Never before had audiences experienced a movie in this format on Netflix, where every last decision is yours to make. Since the film was so successful, Netflix Canada has brought a new interactive series to the streaming service, but it's nothing like Bandersnatch.

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Via Netflix | YouTube

Just yesterday, Netflix announced that it's newest interactive series will be called You vs. Wild, and will star none other than Bear Grylls. If you've ever seen his show, Man vs. Wild, you would know that he's enticing enough to watch as is, but now that you get to make all the decisions for him there's an added element of excitement.

The series follows Grylls through a bunch of different, harsh environments where he tries to survive. As a wilderness expert, he usually has no trouble with this, but now that you're in charge, who's to say what might happen? Netflix even made the trailer for the series interactive - you can check it out below:

Remember - Bear Grylls fate lies in your hands, so try not to make too many wrong moves! The first season of You vs. Wild will have 10 episodes and will be available for streaming on Netflix Canada as of April 10th.

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