This article was originally published on February 19th, 2019.

While searching on Netflix one day, I came across a documentary called Abducted In Plain Sight. I love a good true crime, messed up, shake your head at the TV kind of documentary. And this was all that and more. This story, even though it happened in the '70s, made headlines after viewers watched it on Netflix for the first time. Well, a sequel for Netflix's most insane documentary Abducted In Plain Sight is currently in the works, and there is so much more to the story. 

I'm personally not sure how much more they could add to this insane story, but apparently, there is a lot more. If you're not familiar with this story at all, let me tell you, you'll never be the same after watching the documentary. This story is about pure manipulation. Abducted In Plain Sight is about a man named Robert "B" Berchtold and the Broberg family. In the '70s, "B" met this family and became super close with them. He had a fascination for their daughter, Jan, who was a child at the time. On several occasions, he kidnapped Jan and the family never did anything about it. 

Why? Well, they were under his magic spell as well. "B" had a family of his own, and so they never saw him as someone to look out for. But the story takes SO many turns that it's hard to keep up, yet you'll feel pretty sick after watching. The filmmaker Skye Borgman actually says there is so much more to the story, that she wants to make a sequel. 

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Not only did filmmaker Skye have to leave some stuff out, but she was actually forced to. She says the sequel, which she really wants to make, would be about sheltering people, and all that goes into brainwashing, which "B" absolutely was a master of. Skye also said that a huge part of the story was left out, and it has to do with "B", Jan's mother, her brother, and a gun. Wow. 

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Abducted In Plain Sight was watched by so many people and everyone who watched was stunned by how careless the parents were about all of this. And how unaffected Jan seemed. Well, Skye had something to say about that. In an interview, Skye talked about how Jan is currently doing and said, "The press that she's getting has been a lot, but she's doing really well. She says that you can choose how to live your life - 90 percent of her life is amazing and wonderful, and 10 percent is not, and she chooses to live in the 90 percent." 

While "B" passed away in 2005, the memories live on in the documentary. And probably in the sequel too. Skye even says there may be enough information for two sequels. Just when you thought this story couldn't get any crazier, it does. 

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