When you love a show, hearing that it got canceled is like hearing someone passed away. You have to mourn the loss of that show and wait for the last season to see if they butcher the ending or not. Or, if you're not even lucky enough, the show doesn't even make it to another season. So many amazing shows get canceled after just one season, and it's truly heartbreaking. 

It was way more common back in the day for shows to just be canceled after one season. Since TV is a hobby to so many people now, shows can usually make it to a second season at least. But some shows just didn't have that luck, and there are still some shows that I will forever just watch the one season while pouting. Can you relate? Anyway, here are some amazing shows that sadly got canceled after just one season. 

Freaks and Geeks

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Okay, I know I should be over this by now but I'm really not. Out of all shows, Freaks and Geeks deserved another season!!!! Basically, we can blame the timing of the show. It aired on Saturdays, with the first two episodes airing consecutively, taking a three-week break, and then the rest of the season aired randomly in November, January, once in February, March, and then it got canceled and the rest aired in ... July! Would you get interested in a show that was that inconsistent? All in all, we can blame the networks for the cancellation of Freaks and Geeks, which is one of the best TV shows ever created. 


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Does anyone remember this show besides me? loved this show. Privileged revolved around a journalism major who finds herself becoming a tutor for two very rich and very spoiled teens whose grandmother owns a cosmetic company. It starred JoAnna Garcia and Lucy Hale and it aired on CW, but the numbers for that big of a channel weren't good enough to land a second season.


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Anyone that watched Pretty Little Liars knows that they tried to do a spinoff with our favorite character, Caleb. However, that did not work out well. It was only on the air for ten episodes, and it's safe to say people were mad that Caleb was far away from Hanna. Anyways, Ravenswood was about a town that is cursed, and it seemed like these strangers were brought together by that curse. Although the concept is cool, it just didn't seem like a show that would grab viewers attention which ultimately got it canceled.

My So-Called Life

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We can kind of blame Claire Danes for this one. My So-Called Life was the ultimate teen angsty TV show. Basically, the show shows everything a 15-year-old goes through from relationships, to school, to friendships, and to developing self-confidence. I really related to this show when I watched it way back when, but it got cancelled because of it's low ratings. Oh, and because Claire Danes didn't want to do another season. So that's why we only see a young Jared Leto for only one season. 

Kris Jenner Show

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Does anyone even remember this show? Yes, Kris Jenner tried to take Ellen's place with her own talk show that got canceled after one season. She actually did have a ton of people on the show in 30 episodes, even her daughters Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. However, those guest appearances weren't enough and because it was only on select channels in select cities, the show got canceled after one season. 

Life Sentence

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We were all rooting for this show!!! The concept was perfect, but it just seemed like the fans on CW weren't into it. It stars Lucy Hale, who did all the things on her bucket list when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. However, she was cured and now has to live with all of her decisions ... like marrying someone she hardly knows. Unfortunately, it only got one season but you can watch it on Netflix now. 

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