Check out these singing chops! A contestant on a recent episode of America's Got Talent auditioned with Shawn Mendes' "Mercy" and blew away the audience and judges. Celina Graves shared that she has been singing since she was a toddler and also opened up about her difficult life story.

The 30-year-old from San Diego, California introduced herself as a singer with a passion for music that began from a young age. 

"Music is in my blood," Graves said to the camera. "My dad has been in a band since I can remember. I started singing when I was three-years-old and I've always dreamt of being a singer. My dad is my hero, he always accepted me for who I was." 

She continued, "In high school, I wasn’t like the other girls. I would take my brother's clothes and dress like a boy, then I would go into the girl's bathroom and girls would be like 'Ew, why are you in here?'"

Graves said being bullied for being a tomboy created a lot of anxiety, causing her to lose confidence in pursuing her lifelong dream. 

With her dad by her side, Graves shared, "I'm here because I'm tired of being judged. My dad always told me to stay true to myself and never give up. And I feel like this moment is big for both of us. When I'm singing I just see him light up."

When she arrived on stage, the singer told judge Simon Cowell that she works security for a casino and is currently training to be law enforcement.

"I struggle a lot with being accepted for the way that I look," Graves shared with the judges.

"Well you look great," Cowell responded. "I have a good feeling about you, Celina."

Graves sang a piano version of Mendes' "Mercy" and immediately got the crowd on their feet with applause. 

At the end of her performance, she received a standing ovation from both the audience and the judges.

You can watch Graves' full performance below.

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