We definitely screamed (à la Mia and Lilly) when Anne Hathaway revealed there is a script for The Princess Diaries 3. Like us, the news of a sequel has Anne feeling nostalgic AF. In a recent interview with People,  she reminisced about making The Princess Diaries and how starring in the film changed her life. 

Anne was only 18 years old when The Princess Diaries premiered in 2001. We all saw a bit of ourselves in the awkward Mia Thermopolis, and you're totally lying if you don't admit you daydreamed a time or two about someone randomly appearing at your front door to whisk you away to your new royal life. I think about that iconic makeover scene every time I get my hair done. But, so far, the hairdresser has never held up a mirror to reveal Anne Hathaway looking back at me. 

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In the interview, Anne gushed about her experience making The Princess Diaries. She recalled fangirling during the auditions when she met director Garry Marshall. "Pretty Woman [was] my favorite movie growing up," Anne said. "I get to meet the director of that, how extraordinary." Almost as extraordinary as getting to "hug Julie Andrews every day." Anne said the chance to act with the legendary Andrews was "very, very, very magical."

In The Princess Diarieswe witnessed Mia Thermopolis' life change completely. The film did the same for the actress playing her. Anne said she's grateful for the movie and all the opportunities it led to. "I live my life as if I’ve won the lottery," she said. "not as though I was famous." That sounds like something Mia would say, and we totally love Anne for it. 

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