Today Apple hosted their Worldwide Developers Conference, which is their keynote event used to unveil new features and products that they have in store. They spoke about launching iOS 12 which will offer users tons of new features. 

One of those features is enhancing the best part of our iPhones - FaceTime! When you operate with the iOS 12 operating system you'll unlock a group chat feature for FaceTime and the way it works is actually amazing. 

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The new features include using FaceTime in Messages and being able to host a group chat of up to 32 people. You can create a group call in an existing group chat and anyone who is in the chat can jump into the call. 

It sounds like it could get confusing but each video box is like a bubble tile and if you're speaking, the tile will grow to become a more prominent one in the chat. The feature could be useful for people with group chats for work and want to do a conference call, or something as simple as gossip after a crazy Saturday night. 


Not only will the group chat feature exist, Facetime will also be getting filters and Animoji's also. That means everyone can have an animal face or add a filter if they're not looking so hot. Users can also use stickers or the companies new Memoji. 

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One downside of the Animoji is that it will require facial recognition systems, which have only been developed on the iPhone X. No matter what, the group chats on FaceTime are going to be wild. 

Source: The Verge

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