Okay, if you're a Bachelor novice, let me tell you a little bit about the hit franchise series. You've probably seen a season or two, you know that there's usually one guy who dates 30+ model looking women, and each week he gives out roses to those he wants to "get to know better". 

If you have a slight understanding of the show, let me tell you that what our current bachelor, Arie, did last night was completely out of protocol and he broke a ton of rules.

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During last night's episode, Arie took Lauren B. out on a date under the Tuscan sun. Last week, the group of girls (and Arie) travelled to Paris. In Paris, Lauren B. was also awarded a one-on-one date, and as soon as they got to Italy, he couldn't wait to take her out again. Lauren B., the winner of two basically back to back dates is now officially the front-runner. 

After their fun date in the sun, they had a candle-lit dinner to finish the date. It was here that Arie made it blatantly obvious that Lauren B. was the one he's falling in love with - because he said it various times. 

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Arie asked Lauren B. how she was feeling about the process and him and she finally let her guards down and confessed she was falling for him. Without answering, Arie abruptly excused himself. After composing his happiness, he returned and confessed that he was falling in love with her too! On the Bachelor series, this is a huge no-no. Not only does it give away the potential winner, it makes future episode less interesting! 

Arie confessed he was "falling in love with her" three times! He excitedly discussed meeting her family next week during hometown dates, and that her family may become his family one day. Not only did he say that he admitted that in that moment he wanted to "grab her and tell her I love you!" 

If you ask me, the show is essentially over and from here on out it's the Arie and Lauren B. show. 

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