If you were strong enough to watch the entire (first part) of the Bachelor finale last night, then hats off to you. As a Bachelor fan myself, finales are usually my cup of tea - but not last night. The whole thing made me feel sick to my stomach and that's putting it lightly. 

Chris Harrison and ABC have been teasing this "uncut" and "unedited" finale that "we've never seen before". Well, they got that right, we've never seen a woman have her heart broken on live TV quite like that.

After Arie chose Becca K to be his future wife, all seemed well... Only a short three weeks after they filmed the proposal, Arie admitted that he still had feelings for Lauren B., so Arie and THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION CREW went to dump Becca in her apartment and film the entire thing. 

To say it was extremely awkward is a complete understatement. Arie confessed that he wanted to make it work with Lauren and that he wasn't fully there with Becca. The entire ordeal was about 30 minutes long and the footage was definitely unedited. It was basically Arie following Becca around her LA apartment for a half hour, asking her if she was okay and if they could talk, while Becca begged Arie to leave her alone.

Bachelor nation is furious with how Chris Harrison hyped up Becca's emotional heartbreak and that ABC had the nerve to air the unedited footage. It was obvious that Becca's emotions were genuine and to see her getting dumped on television after her feelings were toyed with was heartwrenching. 

Here are some of the responses from Twitter:

Fans are not happy with Chris Harrison, Arie or the network. We'll see tonight on the second part of The Bachelor Finale if Arie, Chris Harrison and ABC can redeem themselves after yesterday's catastrophe.

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