It feels like every other day that Netflix drops a trailer for a new and exciting series on the streaming service, and to be honest, it basically is that frequent. While some of them turn out to be total flops, quite a few Netflix Originals gain a lot of traction and following basically overnight. All good things must come to an end though, and unfortunately, sometimes your favourite series may just get cancelled in the bat of an eye. Ashton Kutcher announces The Ranch on Netflix is ending.

The Ranch came to Netflix in August of 2016, and quickly gained a pretty big fanbase due to the heartwarming storyline and good humour. The show stars Ashton Kutcher as Colt, a semi-pro football player whose career has recently ended in failure. 

When his career comes to an end, Colt heads back home to his family's ranch in Colorado. He hasn't seen his father, Beau (played by Sam Elliott) in 15 years, but the two plan to run the family's ranching business together. On top of all these big life changes, Colt also finds himself torn between his current girlfriend, and his high school sweetheart Abby (played by Elisha Cuthbert).

The ranch has had a total of three seasons so far, divided into six parts. In order to wrap things up and give fans a good conclusion to the series, two more parts consisting of 20 episodes will be coming to Netflix. Surprisingly, people are happy to see the show go:

What a lot of people on Twitter are most upset about though, is the fact that The Ranch is getting a 20 episode ending, but Netflix cancelled Santa Clarita Diet without giving fans the conclusion they've been begging for.

Of course, some people are so upset for the show's upcoming ending, but hey, at least they've got 20 more episodes to look forward to! The final two parts of The Ranch will be coming to  Netflix in 2020.

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