The Bachelor Winter Games are officially here and while it's new territory for both the contestants and fans of the franchise, it's already packing a ton of heat and drama. Though there's one contestant in specific that seems to have earned the attention of not just Bibiana and Ashley, turns out Bachelor fans across the globe are obsessed with the contestant representing our home and native land!

@kevin.c.wendtembedded via

Kevin Wendt, a 33-year-old firefighter from Waterloo, Ontario first joined the franchise when he starred in The Bachelorette Canada back in 2016. While he was picked in the end by Jasmine Lorimer, they split a mere 5 months after being together- so he's back on the market looking for love.  @weddingvacationsembedded via

So naturally, he's back with the franchise for this new spinoff that brings contestants from across the globe together, and American fans in specific are OBSESSED with the Canadian hottie: 

While we don't know Kevin's fate on the show just yet and will have to keep watching, it's safe to say if he doesn't find love at the Winter Games, he's got a fair shot with fans across the globe! 

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