The launch of Disney+ last week brought with it so many feelings of nostalgia and childhood memories. New subscribers quickly started talking about their first impressions and initial thoughts on the pretty iconic streaming service. While tons of people were most excited for TV shows they grew up on, movie buffs also got the chance to rewatch classics from decades past. Here are the best movies on Disney+ according to Twitter users.

The trending topics worldwide and in Canada immediately following the launch featured Disney+ content that people were mostly talking about. 

Now that it's cooled down, people are still sharing Disney movies they love, and honestly, some of them are pretty surprising. 

One of the most talked-about is Lemonade Mouth which came out in 2011 and starred Bridgit Mendler and Adam Hicks.

One user, who got a few replies of agreement, wrote, "lemonade mouth is one of disney’s best movies period".

And this person shared their slightly controversial opinion that got a decent amount of likes.

The film has a 78% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty impressive so maybe they're on to something. 

Another really popular one is Brother Bear, a 2003 animated movie.

One person tweeted, "Brother Bear is a slept on movie" and got agreement from another who responded, "Most definitely. One of Disney best movies in my opinion." 

Two other users shared their love for Brother Bear too.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Rotten Tomatoes agrees because the movie only got a 37% on the Tomatometer. But if you haven't watched it yet, it's still worth checking out.

Another fan favourite is An Extremely Goofy Movie which has people talking too. 

One person wrote, "an extremely goofy movie is one of disney’s best movies and you can’t convince me otherwise".

This tweet about the film is pretty relatable too.

It got a score of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it might have divided opinions, but Goofy's character from the Mickey Mouse clan is a classic.

Other favourites people are sharing include Big Hero 6, Jump In, and Hercules.

However, you absolutely cannot forget about the very iconic The Princess Diaries.

Another surprising one is The Suite Life Movie and what's hilarious is that some people don't even remember when it premiered in 2011. But others love it a lot.

Of course, there are tons of more underrated classic films that you can now watch whenever you want on Disney+. Keep an eye on Twitter trends to see what people are talking about the most!

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