With a new month comes new challenges, new beginnings, and of course, new things to watch on Netflix. The month of April is very quickly coming to a close, and I know I couldn't be more excited to get one step closer to spring and spending time outside. One thing springtime also brings around is the rain, and what better way to spend a rainy day than in bed watching some Netflix? The streaming service just released their list of upcoming content, and we've found all the best shows and movies coming to Netflix Canada in May 2019.

Of course, there's plenty of amazing Netflix original content (what else are we paying so much for!?), but there's also a great selection of old favourites that you'll be able to stream, like Fifty Shades of Grey, or Jordan Peele's Get Out. One thing's for sure - no matter what your favourite genre is, you'll quickly find a new favourite on this list:

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Type: Crime/Action

Go back in time with Austin Powers in International Man of Mystery! In this film, a 1960s secret agent is brought out of cryofreeze to ultimately defeat his greatest enemy 30 years later, in the 1990s. As it turns out, his social attitudes are very obviously out of place, making things even more difficult. If you're in need of some comedy gold, this should definitely be your next movie night binge.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Type: Romantic Drama

When Fifty Shades of Grey started attracting a massive fan base, no one could stop talking about it - it was almost on the same scale as the Twilight franchise was back in the day. The books were totally captivating for readers, and seeing the twisted love story brought to life on the big screen makes it even more exciting. The first film in the franchise will be available on Netflix on May 1st.

Get Out

Type: Mystery/Thriller

Also coming to Netflix on May 1st is the infamous horror film by Jordan Peele, Get Out. People haven't been able to stop talking about his terrifying new film Us, so you'll definitely want to check watch Get Out before you brave something that's even scarier. The movie is about a young interracial couple who goes to visit the girlfriend's family. Upon arriving, they notice that something is a bit off, and things get very bad, very quickly.

Dead to Me

Type: Dark Comedy

Lots of people use dark humour to cope, and the new Netflix series Dead to Me is no exception. The show is about a woman named Jen, who just lost her husband in a tragic car accident. After attending a support group, she becomes fast friends with a woman named Judy, who has a dark secret that just may ruin her life. 

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Type: Drama/Mystery

No doubt about it, this is the film we've all been waiting for! On May 3rd, you'll be able to see Zac Efron take on the role of Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. If you've already seen The Ted Bundy Tapes on Netflix, you'll definitely love to see another portrayal of the horrifying story, and if not, we highly recommend you watch them before Zac Efron takes over Netflix.


Type: Reality TV

Growing up, I loved the show Fear Factor. I know that I personally couldn't take on half of the challenges posed to contestants, but it's still so fun watching people squirm and face some of their biggest fears on live television. With the new show Flinch, Netflix has put their own spin on Fear Factor, and it just may make your skin crawl.

The Last Summer

Type: Romantic Comedy

As of late, Netflix has been the king of mastering romantic comedies. To All the Boys, The Kissing BoothThe Perfect Date, the list goes on and on! It doesn't look like they're stopping anytime soon though, as The Last Summer is coming to Netflix on May 3rd. The film stars Riverdale's KJ Apa and is all about a group of friends taking on their last summer before heading off to university. 

The Society

Type: Drama/Mystery

Modern-day Lord of the Flies, anyone? The Society is about a group of teenagers who wake up one day to find themselves totally separated from their parents and the rest of the world. At first, they have the time of their lives, living with no rules and no consequences. Eventually, though, they realize that some sort of structure and leadership is necessary for survival, and things definitely won't be easy. The series is coming to Netflix on May 10th.

Wine Country

Type: Comedy

If you loved the film Bridesmaids, there's no doubt in my mind that Wine Country will quickly become your new favourite (it even has some of the same cast members). The film is coming to Netflix on May 10th, and is about a group of friends celebrating a 50th birthday. As the girls head off to wine country, things don't go exactly as planned - old drama causes new tension, leading to plenty of heartbreak and laughs along the way.

The Perfection

Type: Thriller/Horror

What could be better than a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat? Almost nothing! The Perfection is about a troubled musical prodigy who seeks out her competition and tortures them. The trailer doesn't give away a ton of information about the film, but some people have been comparing it to Get Out, so if you enjoyed that, you'll definitely love this!

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