Hello, houseguests! We may be only a few days into the show, but the Big Brother Canada season 8 cast is already making some big impressions on fans, and they aren't holding back from sharing their opinions on Twitter.

So far this season we've been introduced to 16 "super" Canadians, toured the iconic BBCAN house and watched four houseguests who didn't make a great first impression on Canada battle it out for safety. When week one ended in a shocking self-eviction, the house was turned totally upside down, and things have only gotten crazier since.

After winning the first HOH competition, Chris (who apparently can't even recognize his own mother) nominated Brooke and Hira, both as pawns with an ultimate plan to backdoor his fellow bro, Michael.

We haven't seen too much since nominations happened, but luckily, BBCAN superfans have been endlessly streaming the live feeds and sharing regular updates on Twitter. From the sounds of things, this week's episodes will be full of drama, and there was almost another self eviction after the intense POV competition.

If you want to avoid any BBCAN spoilers, you may want to stop reading this article here, but if you want some more insight into your favourite houseguests, read on!

Angie Tackie

So far this season, Angie hasn't really made any major power moves, but she hasn't established herself as a villain either (apart from some minor drama with Minh-Ly). Twitter seems to respect her for staying in her lane and playing the game her own way.

Brooke Warnock

Brooke has had a rough few days in the Big Brother Canada house. She's been put up on the block "as a pawn", according to Chris, but it will be interesting to see how the final vote plays out.

Carol Rosher

BBCAN fans watching the live feeds reported that Carol almost followed in the footsteps of former houseguest Nico and self-evicted a few days ago. The 44-year-old apparently chipped a tooth during the POV competition, leaving her quite upset.

Christopher "Chris" Wyllie

Chris has made some questionable comments so far this season, particularly about how the women in the house will "flock to him" to protect them with his competition wins. Despite this though, he's proving himself to be a strong contender after winning the first HOH challenge.

Hira Deol

Hira was also nominated for eviction by Chris this week, but he had a major comeback after winning the Veto and taking himself off the block. According to live feed viewers, he was talking about coughing up blood after the competition, so Carol wasn't the only one who sustained some injuries.

Jamar Lee

Arguably one of the most hilarious houseguests on this season of BBCAN is the GTA's own Jamar. His ongoing showmance with Minh-Ly has Twitter going crazy, and fans never know what to expect when they catch him in front of the camera.

John Luke Kieper

Like a few of the other guys in the house, John Luke has proved to Canada that he's one of the "bros". The Kamloops native hasn't made too many big moves so far this season, although he is a part of the Evictors alliance, which seems to be going pretty strong.

Kyle Rozendal

From what Twitter is saying, it seems as though Kyle may be the villain of BBCAN8. Not only has he made questionable comments to many of the other houseguests, but he's also gotten involved in several alliances, which could get messy later on in the game.

Madeline Di Nunzio

The thing that Madeline is best known for as of right now is probably her ongoing showmance with Micheal. The 30-year-old has also established good friendships with many of her fellow houseguests, although it seems like Chris is jealous of her relationship, which could be why he plans to backdoor Micheal.

Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao

Minh-Ly is easily the sassiest cast member we've seen this season, and although not everyone in the house is a huge fan of her, it's safe to say that Jamar really is.

Micheal Stubley

If there's one thing that nobody saw coming, it's Chris's plan to backdoor Micheal. Seeing as they're both alpha males, fans thought than an alliance was on the horizon, but it appears that Chris is jealous of the showmance blossoming between Micheal and Madeline.

Rianne Swanson

Of all the houseguests, Rianne seems to be the one who's forgotten about the most, meaning she could be somewhat of a floater. Earlier this week, live feed viewers shared that Rianna admitted that she and Micheal met one another during their BBCAN auditions, which could potentially stir up drama in the house.

Susanne Fuda

After being at risk of eviction in week one, Susanne has been busting her butt to prove herself as a strong competitor, mentally, physically, and socially. Somehow though, it seems that she's found herself in an alliance with the entire house.

Sheldon Jean

One houseguest who's been giving Minh-Ly a run for her money when it comes to sass is none other than Sheldon. He seems quite attached to Kyle so far, and the two have a final three alliance with Chris.

Vanessa Clements

From day one, Vanessa expressed that she was a fan of Minh-Ly, and the two seem to spend a lot of time laughing and making jokes in the days since. Vanessa has good relationships with many of her castmates, although she has yet to establish herself as a strong player.

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