Will she have viewers “fishing for more?” Big Brother Canada season 8 hasn’t even premiered yet and this houseguest has already made reality show history. Vanessa Clements is the first contestant on the show to be from Prince Edward Island.

The 26-year-old lobster fisherman is ready to use her love of breaking gender roles to dominate the competition.

If you aren’t familiar with how Big Brother Canada runs, 16 Canadians are placed into a house filled with hidden cameras. They’re forced to coinhabit with one another while competing in various challenges. One contestant is sent home each week until a winner is crowned.

In her bio released by Global, Clements is from Mill River, P.E.I and “plans to trap the houseguests into underestimating her mastermind abilities.”

Not only is she in it to win it, but Clements revealed in her Big Brother Canada bio video that she is so excited to not only be representing her province but all of Atlantic Canada this season, “I’m super proud to say I am this first Islander to play Big Brother Canada. P.E.I., I am your girl.”

She’s also urging people to have faith in her, vowing she won’t “let you down” and is going to “bring the win home to the island.”

In terms of her strategy when it comes to the other houseguests, she admits that in her work industry she loves “proving to men that women can do it, and do it better” and plans to use “trust from the others” and people’s misconceptions to her advantage.

She’s so focused on the end goal that in an interview released by ET Canada she admits that she’s not looking for any romance and is keeping her “eye on the prize.”

The other 15 Canadians vying for the $100,000 prize have also been revealed and you can check out everything there is to know about them here.

Catch what happens when the houseguests enter the Big Brother Canada House this Wednesday, March 4 on Global TV.

Watch the full ET Canada interview with Clements below.

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