The cameras stopped rolling but the party's still going! The Big Brother Canada season 8 houseguests reflected back on the day that was originally supposed to crown the winner. Though the season got cut short, the cast is keeping the fire going on their social media accounts.  

The reality TV series first premiered in March and was set to run until mid-May. However, producers were forced to shut down early due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the emotional final episode aired on April 1.

In the following weeks, cast members took to their social media accounts to discuss their time in the house. Contestants Minh-Ly and Susanne even stirred the pot of drama long after the cameras stopped rolling. 

May 21 was the original air date for the season 8 finale which would have seen the final two contestants battle it out for the crown.

Instead, the original houseguests are using their platforms to share some memories and light-hearted fun about their time in the competition.

Toronto's Madeline Di Nunzio shared a snap of her on the red telephone and added the caption, "'Hey Big Brother, it’s me, Madeline. Tonight would have been our finale night, and we would have been crowning the winner. Call me for BBCAN9 so I can take the crown, k?'"

Di Nunzio's BFF in the house shared a photo of the full cast to mark the occasion. Rianne Swanson from Chetwynd, BC wrote to her followers that she's "Thinking about all my fellow houseguests right now. FEELIN ALL THE FEELS! I miss you guys!!!!"

Swanson continued, "Thank you for a crazy 25 days, all of the laughs, and all the memories! I hope you guys are all doing well and staying safe, sending all of my love to you. Wish we were at the finale, but it was still an amazing journey together!!"

Di Nunzio and Swanson are the female half of "The Evictors", the team of four who banded together from the start of the series with the intention of making it to the end together.

The Evictors boys John Luke Kieper from Kamloops, BC and Micheal Stubley from Prince George, BC both shared snaps of themselves in the BBCAN8 house.

In his post, Kieper wrote, "Tonight would have been the @bigbrotherca Season 8 finale. Still can’t believe I was robbed of 2 months straight chilling in the Muskoka Jury House".

Meanwhile, Stubley still holds onto the only title he earned himself. "Would have been giving all kinds of glares at the @bigbrotherca finale tonight.. At least I’m the only one to walk away with a title #theonlyevictedhouseguest," the 25-year-old wrote. 

As for the "KVBS" squad, so far only lobster fisherman Vanessa Clements from Mill River, P.E.I. shared a tribute on the night of the finale.

"Here I am not wondering who would have won, but what I would have spent it on hehe," Clements wrote.

Season 8 wouldn't be complete without Ajax, Ontario's Jamar Lee. The 23-year-old known for his line "ya feel me?" shared that he "WAS SUPPOSE TO WIN 100K TODAY GODDAMMIT!! Its okay i will find another way to make that and MORE. I owe it to the fans that supported me and my friends & family!"

Lee's showmance partner Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao from Montreal posted a muted video of her "practicing with my girlfriend for my BBCAN final interview + admiring her ring light..."

She added, "Crazy to think how everything turned out. Expect the unexpected for real".

The sweetheart of the house also posted a short but sweet caption accompanying a set of photos of him with other contestants.

Brampton's Hira Deol shared, "Today was supposed to be finale night #bbcan8 (insert JL comment below about how he was gonna get me out)".

Winnipeg's Angie Tackie added a comical twist to her tribute post, writing, "No one can predict the would be winner tonight (only 25 of 70+ days played yall haha) but I do kno I woulda looked good't throughout".

Over on Twitter, Markham's Chris Wyllie tweeted, "Today would’ve been the finale of #BBCAN8! Even though it was short-lived it was still such a fun adventure. Like the other participants, I think we all felt we were 'just getting warmed up'".

The $100,000 prize money meant to be awarded to the winning contestant was instead donated to a COVID-19 respond fund.

Want to relieve the short but sweet season? You can stream the 11 episodes of season 8 on Big Brother Canada's website

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