The Big Brother Canada season 8 premiere is just around the corner and with the 16 new houseguests already revealed, it’s time to take a look at where they’ll be spending the next few weeks of their life. Along with the cast announcement, a sneak peek of the new house was also released. If the room decor is any indication, contestants and viewers are in for a very vibrant season.

If you aren’t familiar with Big Brother Canada, the reality series follows 16 contestants who are moved into a unique home plastered with cameras and microphones. In order to claim victory over a grand prize of $100,000, houseguests compete in weekly challenges that influence who will get sent home that week.

Eight exclusive photos were released at Global TV giving fans of the series a hint at what the vibe could be like this season. Take a look at the sneak peek photos below.

HOH Room

The HOH room, or the Head of Household room, is where contestants who top the leaderboard during the weekly challenges reside until someone else is crowned at the top.
The luxurious space this year gives off exotic igloo vibes, with ice blue walls, and a floor bed in the centre of the room draped with a furry pink comforter.

Diary Room Hallway & Diary Room

The diary room is where the cold hard truth comes out to play and contestants get the opportunity to give on-camera interviews. The hallway leading to the candid room, in the sneak peek, looks dimly lit with stone walls that feature an eerie painting of an eye.

Behind the plain wooden door is a room that has a cushioned chair with a circular design wrapped around it. The backdrop of their interviews is presented as a generic city skyline.


The bathroom shown on the Global TV website has infused shards of glass and purple paint to create a reflective area full of stainless steel cabinets and counters. The room also features a middle island made of glass.


The “backyard” mixes marble walls and orange striped ceilings that the photo reveals encases a pool table, bar tables, and bar chairs.


For the kitchen, only a portion of the room was revealed in the photo. The picture shows red/orange walls with matching panels that seem to line the kitchen counter.

Hot Tub Area

The hot tub area this season is completely comprised of oversized pencil crayons. It also features outdoor cushioned chairs with pillows that match the eclectic colours.


In a photo of what they call “upstairs”, the room gives off the same vibes as the diary room with rainbow floors and a city backdrop.

According to the official website, a full house tour will be airing March 1 at 8:00 pm EST on Global TV.

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