Here's one last hurrah! Big Brother Canada's Minh-Ly called out Sheldon for putting her on the block two weeks in a row. The two took a flirty jab at each other in a video preview. 

According to ET Canada, the preview clip shows what's to come in the final two episodes of the reality TV series. 

Though production was officially cancelled yesterday, we'll be getting that last bit of the series within the next week.

In the video, Sheldon overhears Minh-Ly talking from the kitchen and floats downstairs to join her.

As soon as he gets there, he notices her wearing a floral dress and says, "what's with the pretty cockroach look?" His comment references Sunday night's episode where he told her that she's as hard to get rid of from the house as a cockroach. 

Minh-Ly responds with, "the roach is the goat", which an amused Carol laughs at from the dining room table.

Sheldon continues his teasing antics and asks Minh-Ly to wash a utensil for him as she's standing at the sink doing dishes. 

"Mind getting this for me, honey?" Sheldon asks.

Minh-Ly chimes in with "Honey? I like it better when you insult me. So when a guy comes on to me and he's too sweet I'm like 'ew'".

Chris also prances into the room and upon hearing Minh-Ly's comment, jokingly says that the reason he's been so sweet to her is that he doesn't want her to be attracted to him. 

Yet in typical Minh-Ly fashion, she took the chance to take a joking jab at HOH Sheldon. She says, "Well Sheldon switched it up though. Why do you think he put my ass on the block? He was trying to get my attention." 

The video ends with Sheldon looking over at a laughing Carol and says to her, "I did it twice!"

You can watch the full clip from ET Canada here.

Minh-Ly originally began a showmance with Jamar, who got removed from the house last week for a breach of house rules. After learning about the end of production, he even claimed that the show already ended after he left, taking his hilarious sense of humour with him.

However, on her Instagram, Minh-Ly claimed the two had a "#beefmance not a #showmance".

Both Jamar and Minh-Ly were among other castmates including Angie, Hira, Kyle, Madeline, and Rianne who shared sweet messages with fans after returning home.

Minh-Ly's message to her Instagram followers read, "Just left the #bbcan8 house. Shocked at the state of the world."

You can catch the final two episodes of Big Brother Canada on Wednesday, March 25 and Wednesday, April 1 at 7 p.m. ET on Global. 

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