It seems like we've been waiting years for Netflix to finally release new episodes of Black Mirror. Ever since Netflix took over production for the show as of season 3, the show has become wildly popular as well as super messed up. But in the best way possible. 

Netflix has also been leaking trailers slowly of the new season, which will be available on the streaming service on December 29th, 2017. Although very little has been announced about the episodes themselves, there will be 6 new episodes for us to binge-watch but also feel absolutely mind f*cked after. 

If you've never seen Black Mirror, it's one that you absolutely need to watch. It's a twilight-zone type show that focuses on technology, and the nightmares that come with it in the modern world. Last season they had a full episode of called Nosedive that showed how social media and how caring about other peoples opinions of yourself can ruin your life. Black Mirror episodes can definitely bring on some anxiety, but you won't want to stop watching. 

If you can't watch until December 29th for new episodes, just binge-watch the older ones. They never get old, and there is no way you'll get sick of the twists at the end. Or you can just watch all of the trailers for the new episodes: 

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