Almost exactly one year ago, Canadians were overjoyed by the news that the ever-popular animated show Bob's Burgers was suddenly available on Netflix Canada. Netflix users were graced with the first seven seasons of the show, but no one realized they had a deadline to stream them by. 

Now, just a year later, Bob's Burgers has disappeared as quickly as it came. The end of 2018 came with a number of changes for Netflix including introducing lots of new original content like Bandersnatch, Bird Box, You and even things like Taylor Swift's Reputation tour special. 

However, the saying goes "out with the old and in with the new". In Netflix Canada's case, the old was apparently Bob's Burgers, which as of January 1st is no longer available to stream and we're completely heartbroken. 

Canadians aren't hiding their feelings either. On Twitter, they are making their desires for more Bob's Burgers extremely evident and in one tweet it honestly seems like Netflix Canada was setting them up for it. 

Just recently, the Canadian streaming service tweeted out that the letter of the day was B, highlighting that they had recently added all the Bring It On movies and also all the Bourne movies. Of course, people were quick to point out that another B show is Bob's Burgers. 

In the numerous responses to the tweet, Canadians are literally begging Netflix to bring back Bob's Burgers showing how real the desperation is. Some even go as far as to call Netflix a monster for removing it and yelling at them that we aren't playing around. 

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While some Canadians are excited about the new movies and other people point out that Netflix also recently added the chose your own adventure movie Bandersnatch, which is another B word, the majority of people are heartbroken. 

Canadians have spoken, and they don't want Bring It On or Jason Bourne. It seems all Canadians need for a happy 2019 is for Netflix to bring back Bob's Burgers. 

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