If you've been feeling bummed out by all the concert and festival cancellations, this might help. Ramada Plaza Calgary, in partnership with Showpass, is organizing an epic concert series that's unlike anything you've ever seen. At this special event, you can enjoy the whole thing from your hotel balcony. 

This "staycation" concert's setup is perfect for you if you're not the biggest fan of large crowds.

It's also the next best thing to normal concerts, seeing how live music events and festivals haven't been put back on the agenda in Alberta just yet

So you can enjoy a stay at one of Calgary's most glamorous hotels and still be able to catch some exciting live music. 

According to the Showpass, the first of the poolside concerts takes off on Wednesday, July 1. And right off the bat, concert-goers, or in this case, concert-stayers will be able to take part in a tribute to Canadian icons The Tragically Hip. 

A tribute band to country legend Garth Brooks named Fresh Horses is set to hit the stage on July 11. Calgary Stampede may have been cancelled but Calgary will still be getting country music this summer. 

Finally, on July 18, another tribute band will hit the poolside for a show. 

This time, Pink 4reud will be playing the classics by Pink Floyd. 

"The goal of this project is to get as many folks in the music industry - from musicians & crew members to agents & promoters -back to doing what they love and most importantly, getting paid to do it,” said Showpass CEO Lucas McCarthy.

Showpass is set to bring these poolside hotel concerts to many destinations across North America, including the likes of Whistler, Victoria, Quebec City, Kelowna, Blue Mountain, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Pentiction, B.C.

Those concert dates haven't been announced just yet, so you need to stay tuned on their website. 

According to Showpass, the concert ticket itself is going to cost upwards of $75 per person if there are about four people in a double standard room. Like most other concerts, the better the spots, the pricier the tickets. 

At least you're getting a luxurious suite vacation out of it, not to mention an unforgettable poolside concert experience that you might be longing when regular stadium concerts do resume later. 

Staycation Concert Series

Price: $75+

When: Starting Wednesday, July 1

Address: 708 8 Ave S.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: If you want to take part in a totally new but fabulous concept of watching live concerts from the comfort of your glam hotel balcony, this is for you.

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