Just in time for summer to officially begin this weekend, StubHub has released their annual summer tour preview, breaking down the top Canada summer concert tours. On top of that, they highlight the country’s most in-demand touring acts for the summer season. Their research shows that Canadians are loving old-school acts from the 90s as much as brand new music, and Canadian fans are continuing to celebrate and enjoy home-grown talents such as Sean Mendes and Michael Bublé.

StubHub, which is the world’s largest event marketplace, has collected their data to compile a top ten list of their 2019 ‘Top Selling Summer Acts Overall,’ and their results are somewhat surprising! The company calculated the list by studying the total sales on StubHub for Canadian tour dates across the ‘official’ Canadian summer, which runs from Summer Solstice (June 21) to Labour Day 2019 (September 2). Interestingly, the trends this year are really similar to last year's but not a single artist has made both the 2019 and 2018 lists. 

Speaking in 2018 about a similar trend in the results, Jeff Poirier said: "The summer concert season is extremely diverse." Poirier, who is the General Manager of Music, Theatre and Performing Arts for StubHub, continued "Newer pop acts continue to flourish next to older legacy bands, while acts from the '90s are showing a particularly strong comeback this year."

In a similar fashion, this year it was rock legacy band Queen with Adam Lambert that topped the top-selling summer act list, beating second place by a whopping 65% to decisively claim the top spot. In keeping with the vibe of yesteryear, second on the list was 90s pop sensation Backstreet Boys, whose Canadian summer tour kicks off in just a few short weeks.

The full list of StubHub’s 2019 Top Selling Summer Acts Overall looks like this...

  1. Queen with Adam Lambert

  2. Backstreet Boys

  3. Billie Eilish

  4. Pink

  5. Paul McCartney

  6. Shawn Mendes

  7. Ariana Grande

  8. Chris Stapleton

  9. Michael Bublé

  10. Iron Maiden

Never to let down their own, fans ensured that at least two Canadians made the top ten list. Both Shawn Mendes and Michael Bublé made top 10 but surprisingly couldn't crack the top 5, coming in at number 6 and number 9 respectively. However, they are both the most active performers in Canada this summer, with both artists having more tour dates in the country than any other on the list. That said, Mendes is outselling Bublé rather significantly, as Mendes is said to have sold 46 percent more tickets.

The most affordable summer concert on the list is that of country music sensation Chris Stapleton, who has tickets available on StubHub for around $60.  As this affordability gives more Canadians access to music, generational lines are being blurred, says Paul Nowosad, General Manager of StubHub Canada. He said Canadians are now “immersing themselves in the musical talents of today and yesteryear.”

Speaking about the 2019 top ten list, Nowosad said: "From the timeless ballads of Queen to the new-wave superstardom of Billie Eilish and Shawn Mendes, the diverse talent represented on this year's list are set to elevate the fan experience for concert goers from coast-to-coast."

Whoever you fancy singing along to in the coming months, it will be a phenomenal summer for live music in Canada. As famous artists from across the globe descend on Canadian cities, it’s looking to be a very exciting sunny season indeed!

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