What we watch on TV can have a big impact on our lives, but this is a new twist no one was expecting. Canadian kids are now speaking in a British accent and it's all because of the popular cartoon show Peppa Pig. According to Canadian parents, their children have picked up not only British vocabulary, but have adopted a slight British accent after watching the UK based tv show. 

In case you don't already know, Peppa Pig is a cartoon show following the life and adventures of a young pig named Peppa and her family. It airs on many kids networks, on Crave, and several episodes are available on Youtube too.  The animated series is based in Britain and because of that, all the characters have British accents. Now thanks to what's called the Peppa Effect, it seems like all the show's viewers are adopting those accents now too. 

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Many parents told CTV News that their children or nieces and nephews have started speaking in a British Accent or even began using British terminology. One mother even revealed that 5-year-old child still says some words with an accent even though they haven't watched the show for years. 

Most say even if it's not a full accent, there is a different Peppa Effect at play here when it comes to their kid's vocabulary. 

The Peppa Effect also explains why Canadian kids are calling their backyards "gardens", their bathing suits "swim costumes", and shopping carts "trolleys".

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The Peppa Effect has also been confirmed in the United States, where the popular show is also leading to a rise of British accents among American kids. 

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