So much for having a night of celebrating Canadians in television! MTV promoted the cast of Schitt's Creek and their role at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and then failed to air any of their content. Canadians are furious Schitt's Creek was cut from the MTV Movie & TV Awards

Besides Dan Levy winning for Best Comedic Performance,  the show was completely ignored. They skipped over the award for best comedy and didn't air Annie Murphy presenting that night. 

Because of the promo the Schitt's Creek cast was given by MTV, fans of the show were understandably disappointed. They took to Twitter to talk about it. 

A lot of fans were upset at the lack of awards the show went home with, "i'm so upset that you guys didn't win best show..."

Some people even went as far as to directly call out MTV for not showing their promised content, "...why did you cut all their [Schitt's Creek] content?!?" 

During his speech for Best Comedic Performance Dan Levy said, "I’m Canadian, this is overwhelming for me." That's how all of Canada feels when we're represented at any type of awards ceremony, but MTV failed to give Canadians their moments this year. 

Regardless of what was aired, it seems like the cast had a wonderful time at the awards, and Dan even took the time to thank his fans on Instagram! 

It was announced that Schitt's Creek is ending after season 6 which means there's still one more year to get some content out of MTV!

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