A new deal between Netflix and the Canadian federal government has the streaming service allocating $500 million dollars over the next five years to Canadian content as part of a rebooted cultural policy.

"Under this agreement, Netflix will create 'Netflix Canada': a permanent film and television production presence here in Canada, the first time the company has done so outside of the United States," said Heritage Minister Melanie Joly in a recent speech.

via @theleavesfallforautumn

The goal of the initiative is to embolden content creators to produce and promote Canadian creative works. Soon after the announcement of the deal, Canadians across the country took to Reddit to offer their suggestions on what Netflix should invest the $500 million in:

"Put all $500 million into a single insane season of the Littlest Hobo." - bcestau

"Big Comfy Couch! Alyson Court is still a babe btw." - SharkWoman

"2 words - Breaker. High." - skeever2

"What about Reboot reboot?" - iwasnotarobot

"Are You Afraid of the Dark: The Next Generation" - PigeonsOnYourBalcony

"Lol I swear to god, they better not reboot Caillou." - Baricuda

"Kenny vs. Spenny reboot please" - Dank94

"Uh Oh! Or Video and Arcade Top Ten reboot anyone?" - shutupjoey

"Student Bodies, Radio Active, Ready or Not, or System Crash" - came_a_box

Clearly, several Canadians were feeling the nostalgia. There are no official reports on which projects Netflix will be pursuing for Netflix Canada as of yet, but details of upcoming releases should be revealed soon.

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