He's definitely not in Tree Hill anymore! Lucas Scott Chad Michael Murray has been out of the spotlight for a while, even though he'll always be known as a teen heartthrob from the '00s. However, he's finally made his comeback, and may I say he looks better than ever? Chad Michael Murray's character finally appeared on Riverdale and fans absolutely love him

Should we still call him Chad Michael Murray or just refer to him as Edgar Evernever now? The episode of Riverdale premiered last night, which was the highly anticipated Heathers musical episode. But let's forget about the musical episodes, shall we? We need to move on to CMM. 

It was announced over a month ago that Chad Michael Murray would be making his way into the Riverdale world, and fans were so excited. Now that he's made his official appearance as Edgar Evernever, Twitter is absolutely blowing up. While CMM's part in the last episode was very short, and just a brief clip of him slow clapping, he's already starting to become a favourite character. 

Via Netflix

Maybe it's just me, but it's so nice to see Chad Michael Murray back on our screens. And it seems fitting that he's on another hit TV show, except this time he's a cult leader. You can view some of the tweets raving about him being on Riverdale below: 

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You can stream the new episode with Chad Michael Murray as a dad (yes, a dad) on Riverdale on Netflix now. And there is a sneak peek of CMM with Madelaine Petsch from the next episode below. Enjoy!

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