When a new show makes its way onto Netflix, it doesn't take long for viewers to check it out and quickly form opinions about it. Most of Netflix's original content gets great reviews, although if a movie or show isn't so great, audiences definitely aren't afraid to let the streaming service know. It may have just been added this morning, but Chambers is on Netflix and people are already obsessed with it.

If you're not familiar, the show is about a young girl named Sasha, who suffered from a heart attack and had to receive an organ transplant as a result. She quickly recovers, but as time goes on she finds herself "consumed by the mystery surrounding the heart that saved her life."

What a lot of people don't know about the show is that Sivan Alyra Rose (who plays Sasha) is the first Native American person to land a lead on a Netflix Original show, and the show works very hard to portray the lives of Indigenous peoples as accurately as possible - they have Native Americans working in both casting and writing!

As far as viewer reviews go, people are already obsessed with the creepy and unique vibes that Chambers gives off. It's even been compared to Jordan Peele's terrifying movie Get Out:

As the days go on, it's looking as though Chambers is going to be Netflix's next big hit, especially with all the awesome reviews it's been getting so far. The show also stars big names like Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn.

If you want to watch the trailer before committing to the show, you can check it out below. Beware though, it is pretty creepy:

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