We get it, there's a lot to be jealous of in Canada. Three different (and awesome) Justins, poutine, and some of the best cities in North America. There's a lot to be envious of. 

That perhaps was the case for National Hockey League Team, the San Jose Sharks, who were quick to express their opinion on Winnipeg as their "least favourite city to visit". 

A twitter video released by the San Jose Sharks' twitter account on Sunday had players sharing their dislikes prior to a game. Tomas Hertl, an NHL Forward claimed he didn't like the city because "it's so cold and dark there". NHL Defenceman Justin Braun was quick to give the same sentiment and was curious if the city had Wi-Fi yet.

Dayna Spring, the president and CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg was quick to step up and share her thoughts. The Sharks ended up losing to the Winnipeg Jets 4-1, so she can understand that it's never fun to lose.

Being the good spirit and true Canadian she is, she offered to show the Sharks around in the springtime: festivals, food trucks and world-class attractions. She was even ready to return a friendly jab: offering to bring them to a Winnipeg Jets playoff game, assuming that their playoff excursion wouldn't be a long one. 

Doesn't look that dark to me, Sharks. And yes, they do have Wi-Fi. 

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