Who else can't wait for season 2 of YOU? Not only are we expecting it to pick up right where it left off, which was one of the biggest cliffhangers ever, but we're so excited that there is a brand new cast. While Netflix has announced a few new cast members, this one may be the most exciting. Comedian Chris D'Elia will have a reoccurring role in season 2 of YOU

Right now, we know a few things about season 2 of YOU. We know that Peach and Beck are dead, for the most part, and that Joe flees to Los Angeles to get away from everything. Including an investigator who Peach's family hired. We also know that Joe will have a new love interest, and you will recognize her from The Haunting of Hill House. 

Cast members keep getting added in, and we're so excited about it. Some names included Victoria Pedretti, James Scully, and Jenna Ortega. Well, now, Deadline can confirm that comedian Chris D'Elia joins the cast and his role sounds actually perfect for him. 

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Chris, who is most known for his comedy and his hilarious podcast called Congradulations Podcast, will play a guy named Henderson who is a famous comedian. He's very into wearing black Ray-Bans, expensive designer clothes, and the coolest sneakers. If you follow Chris, you'll know this role is pretty much made for him. 

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Not going to lie. This made us so much more excited about season 2 of YOU. While there is no release date for the second season, they have started filming and we can definitely expect great things from this season. Especially now that Chris D'Elia has been added on. 

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