With all the excitement surrounding the ongoing NBA finals lately, it's nearly impossible to go a day without hearing something about it. From all the hysteria Drake has been creating on the sidelines to the anticipation of Kawhi Leonard potentially re-signing to the Raptors, there's so much to keep up with. Because the competition has come down to the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors, plenty of Canadian humour has been thrown around, and it's not stopping anytime soon. Conan O'Brien's "Trash Talking Toronto Raptors Fan" sketch is the best thing you'll see today.

If you tuned into CONAN last night, you would've seen not only an interview with Canadian actor Thomas Middleditch, but also a brief sketch where one of Conan's Canadian writers shares his love for the Toronto Raptors.

The sketch starts by Conan bringing out one of the show's writer's, Levi MacDougall, who's repping a Raptors jersey of his own. The jersey is for retired player Vince Carter, who hasn't played for the team in about 20 years, which adds to the sheer comedy of the sketch.

Levi goes on to brag (rightfully so), and the Raptors winning game one of the series, and excuses himself from the stage so he can head off to do some "Canadian trash talking". Cue stereotypical, over-polite but still hilarious jokes.

"Warriors? More like Golden State WORRIERS. And I'd be worried too if I was playing a team like the Raptors, eh? Hope that wasn't too harsh, see ya around", MacDougall says to one of his coworkers. He then proceeds to head around the office, talking more trash.

Eventually, he gets pretty aggressive with one of his colleagues, who promptly informs him that the Raptors lost game two, meaning the series is tied. To this, he replied, "Oh... Thanks for the info. Sorry about all that stuff I said", and quickly makes his rounds of the office again to apologize to everyone.

The sketch may be poking fun at Canadians and our uber-polite ways, but is it inaccurate? Not really! Game three of the finals takes place on Wednesday, June 5th in Oakland, California. Will our Canadian boys be able to take the lead again? We sure hope so!

If you want to see Conan and Levi's sketch for yourself, you can check it out below:

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