It seems as though for every Netflix success story, there are three or four major customer complaints to go with it. Making tons of new original content? They still got rid of Bob's Burgers and upped subscription prices. No matter what Netflix tries to do to please its subscribers, they always find something new to complain about. Despite complaints though, Netflix is actually doing better than any other streaming service.

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According to recent data from, Netflix has just under 4,000 films available for users to stream in its library. When you compare that to Amazon Prime's whopping 17,461, it looks like Netflix should automatically lose. However, Hulu only has about 2,336 films, and HBO Now has just 815.


You know how the saying goes though - quality over quantity! Sure, Amazon Prime has over 4.5x the number of films that Netflix does, but it just so happens that Netflix has substantially more "certified fresh" films than all the other streaming services combined.


Approximately 15.5% of Netflix's library is certified fresh, but only 1.3% of Amazon Prime's library comes in at the same ranking. As a whole, Netflix has 596 certified fresh films, which is more than Amazon, Hulu, and HBO combined.

Go ahead and say what you want about Netflix, but it's hard to deny that they've been creating some seriously awesome original content for their subscribers to enjoy.

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