It feels like companies are hitting the public with handfuls of streaming services and subscriptions every day, making it really hard to actually know which one is right for your household. The newest platform to hit Canada will be on Nov. 12 when Disney launches its service Disney+. Although the initial monthly fee is cheap it's probably best to know what you'll be getting for $9 dollars a month. Is the Disney Plus streaming service worth it?

Here are all the shows the platform will be offering customers so far.

The Proud Family 

Although we'd all probably be content with older episodes of The Proud Family, Dinsey has decided to make brand new episodes of the animated season. It was confirmed by one of the lead voice actors that new episodes would be airing on the streaming service. 

The Proud Family ran from 2001-2005 and followed Penny Proud navigating high school and family drama. 

The Mandalorian

A live-action Star Wars series will also be premiering on the platform on the day it launches! This new series follows the adventures of a gunfighter, played by Pedro Pascal, in between the fall of the Empire and the emergence of the First Order.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

First The Proud Family now High School Musical, this platform is a dream to fans of early 2000s Disney. Although this 10-episode series doesn't star original cast members it's still set at the infamous east high. 

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will follow East High's new drama students as they embark on their journey preparing a production of High School Musical

Check out the first look at the series here


Staying on the genre of musicals, Kristen Bell is also bringing her genius onto the new streaming platform. Encore! is a reality series that follows former highschool performers reuniting and re-creating their original performances. Surprise! They'll be helped by world-renowned Broadway stars. 

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Everybody loves some Jeff Goldblum, even Disney fans. Goldblum is streaming his new show on the platform that takes ordinary familiar objects and enhances their meaning. Through analyzing ice cream he'll teach you all about history, people, and science. 

Forky Asks a Question

Although we all left Toy Story 4 bawling our eyes out, I think we can all agree that Forky was a hilarious addition to the universe. Disney seems to think so too because he's getting an entire show. 

Like a lot of kids, Forky is pretty new to the world. With his curiosity and constant questioning, he'll help kids learn the world around them. 

Marvel's Hero Project 

Marvel is finding real-life superheroes in their new reality series! Marvel's Hero Project will take a look at all the good being done around the world by children and declare them as Marvel superheroes.

While no first look at this series has been released yet it does sound exciting! 

Monsters at Work 

While this series won't be available until a few months into the streaming platform, it isn't any less exciting. Monsters at Work is an animated series based on the Monsters Inc. franchise.

The series picks up six months after the original film and follows a new employee trying to work his way up to the laugh floor from his job as a mechanic. 

Diary Of A Female President 

Like Monsters at Work, this new series will also only be available a few months into the streaming service. 

Diary of a Female President follows a 12-year old Cuban/American girl on her journey to fulfilling her dream of becoming the president. 

Disney+ will also have plenty of established Disney series streaming on the platform: 

Boy Meets World 

Brain Games 

Duck Tales 

Goof Troop

Kim Possible 

Malcolm in Middle 

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy 

That's So Raven & Raven's Home 

The Simpsons 

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