Today marks the official three week anniversary since we got the brand new streaming service exclusively for Disney content and movies from our childhood. After a small glitch on premiere day, it's been pretty smooth sailing and the hype is still high after weeks of streaming. But it seems like that first snag is now one of many because Disney+ has some Twitter users sharing their frustrations with #DisneyPlusFail.

The hashtag has been going around for a few weeks now with dozens of people taking to Twitter to vent. 

Complaints include things such as slow and glitchy loading, even slower live chat customer service, and content randomly switching to another language. 

These three users shared their anger over not being able to "get through a single movie", having to "watch a frozen screen", and that "it DOESN'T work more than half the time."

Another person said that they have "no picture when playing a movie but the audio plays" and they can't watch "Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and Ratatouille."

This user realized that episodes in certain shows like "Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Smart Guy, DuckTales, Darkwing Duck" are showing episodes out of order. 

When another person responded to them about the odd issue, they explained further that "Lizzie McGuire had two seasons but the second season is wildly out of order because half the show, Miranda isn't there and the series finale is right in the middle of the episodes."

A couple of people also shared issues with content on the streaming platform randomly switching to another language for no reason.

The video attached to this tweet is a hilarious account of what some users are experiencing. 

Perhaps the most frustrating of all for some people is the fact that when they try to contact Disney+ for assistance, the live chat service wait time is extremely long. 

These two users shared that they each waited over 40 minutes to talk to someone. 

This user wrote that they've "been waiting for <1 minute for over an hour".

The tweets in the #DisneyPlusFail hashtag increase every hour as people realize they're not alone in their frustrations. Hopefully, these are easily fixable bugs for the new streaming service. 

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