Since Disney+ launched on Tuesday, it's been a few days since many people have logged into their Netflix accounts. A lot of us have been binging our old favourite Disney shows and movies throughout the week, totally putting Netflix to the back of our minds. Luckily, Netflix did the courtesy of not putting out too much content this week, until today, that is. Earthquake Bird on Netflix Canada is being called "mediocre" and confusing.

Today, November 15, Netflix released a new film called Earthquake Bird. When the trailer for the film dropped, people were insisting that Netflix was making a comeback and that the movie would be amazing, but today's reviews say otherwise.

Earthquake Bird stars Alicia Vikander as Lucy Fly, a woman who recently moved to Japan to work as a translator. Shortly after arriving, she meets a handsome photographer named Teiji (Naoki Kobayashi) with whom she quickly falls in love.

While in Japan, Lucy also becomes friends with Lily Bridges (Riley Keough), although the friendship doesn't last long when Lily sneakily gets involved with Lucy's boyfriend.

After becoming entangled in the lives of the happy couple, Lily is suddenly reported missing and presumed dead, which sends authorities Lucy's way for questioning.

"Just watched the Earthquake Bird while going over my notes for tomorrow’s exam. That was one weeeeird movie. 2/10 because wot," tweeted one confused user." "SO IM WATCHING EARTHQUAKE BIRD AND B!TCH WHAT THE ACTUAL FVCK," added another.

Overall, it seems that the film is confusing to plenty of viewers. Critics have been calling the film "mediocre," although they are saying that it was well-acted; the plot of the movie is really the confusing part.

Netflix also released an animated holiday film called Klaus as a part of their annual Christmas content haul today, which is the perfect thing to watch if you're already counting down the days to December.

You can check out the trailer for Earthquake Bird below.

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