Since it came to Netflix in 2014, people have been obsessed with Black Mirror. The sci-fi series is all about controversial, contemporary topics with a technological twist. Each episode is a standalone that takes place in an alternative present or in the near future, and the series really opens the audience's eyes to what the world around us is, or could be like. Recently, a new series has come to Netflix and fans are saying that it's just like Black Mirror, but more intense.

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The series is called Love, Death + Robots, and unlike Black Mirror, most of it is animated. Much like Black Mirror though, each episode has a totally unique plot, cast, and style. Each episode is only 6-18 minutes long, so you can binge the entire thing in a day and not feel guilty about it.

Some episodes, like Sonnie's Edge, look like they could be straight out of a video game, while others, like The Witness, have more of a Japanese anime style to them. You can watch the episodes in any order that you choose, so don't worry about getting lost in the plot as you enjoy the series.

Via Netflix

The series is like nothing that Netflix has ever done before, and people are hooked on the short episodes with thrilling, sci-fi driven plots:

Love, Death + Robots dropped on March 15th. With it's quick rise to popularity, let's hope that we get another season of mind-boggling animation ASAP.

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