If you haven't watched the Netflix Original YOU yet, what are you doing? This new drama on Netflix had me ordering in food and binging the show until it was over. With only 10 episodes in the first season, they sure did pack a ton into it. YOU is about a guy named Joe who meets Beck at his bookstore. He then proceeds to stalk her, but makes sure it looks like they're meeting organically. Throughout the show, he gets rid of anything in the way of him and Beck being happy. And that includes things like murder, lying, and straight up everything illegal. 

Joe, who is played by Penn Badgley, has had a messed up life and if you watched the show, they show bits and pieces of his childhood and teenage years. While you think Joe is f*cked, you also weirdly feel bad for him. Beck also isn't the first girl he has stalked and dated. He had a tumultuous relationship with a girl named Candace, which is a whole other story in itself. Also, if you haven't watched the show and don't want spoilers then do not keep reading. 

Candace is Joe's ex-girlfriend before he meets Beck. Throughout the entire season, Joe has flashbacks to Candace which makes people watching think she is haunting him. The whole season you think, well maybe Joe killed Candace too if he's being haunted by her. Joe told Beck and his friends that Candace cheated on him, and then jetted off to Italy. She apparently cut off all communication with everyone in her life when she moved, but still updates a social media account in a different name. 

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Well, even though the ending of the book YOU is way different than in the series, it still freaked viewers out. In the book, Joe actually ended up drowning Candace after she broke things off with him. However, in the very last scene of the show, Candace shows up to Joe's bookstore and tells him, "I think we have some unfinished business to talk about". I remember watching this scene and actually gasping. Throughout the entire show you think Joe did Candace wrong and actually killed her too, but NOPE! Here she is calling him bunny. Weird. 

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Well, while we're all wondering what actually happened to Candace, some viewers have crazy theories about where she was. Here are some of the craziest ones that will definitely get you thinking:

Fans also have crazy theories outside of Twitter. One being that Joe did not actually kill beck, as we didn't see her dead body. Or that Paco took over the job for him. Was Joe actually hallucinating when he saw Candace before? Or was it his mind telling him she was actually alive this whole time? 

Realistically, we won't know the answers until season twowhich is said to premiere in the fall of 2019. While we can't exactly predict what happened to Candance, here are my thoughts. She was obviously never dead, and was hiding from Joe maybe because he did try to kill her. Was she actually in Italy that whole time? Probably not. Remember, these are all just guesses and not the actual truth, but we'll be waiting patiently for season two of YOU. 

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