In the latest episode of Game of Thrones, actress Maisie Williams shocked everyone with a very intimate scene. Given the nature of the show, the scene itself wasn't that surprising, but it was the first time for Maisie's character. She made her debut on the show when she was just 14 and was playing an 11-year-old, but now that she's 22, she can definitely act out whatever scenes she wants. In a tell-all with Entertainment WeeklyGame of Thrones actress Maisie Williams explains her intimate scene in the latest episode

It was actually Sophie Turner who first discovered the scene, as she had read the screenplay faster than the rest of the cast. Upon making her discovery, she immediately called Williams, who had only made it halfway through the first episode. Turner instructed Williams to flip to the specific scene and page, and what she read shocked her.

Firstly, Williams thought the scene was a total joke. She was under the impression that the creators of the show had made up a fake scene to make her laugh, as they've been known to do that. Eventually, Williams accepted that it was true during the group reading, and promptly asked if she has time to go to the gym before the scene gets filmed.

Anyone who's seen Game of Thrones knows that there's no shortage of nudity on the show, but the creators actually gave Williams a choice of how much skin she wants to bare on camera. For her own reasons, Williams decided to keep some things private; she doesn't think it's necessary for Arya to show too much, despite other characters having bared it all before.

Williams admitted that she was still quite uncomfortable on set. Because she was slightly nude, people tried not to look at her out of respect, which made her feel even more strange. She wishes that people would have treated her normally through her experience, although the scene was shot very quickly.

According to Williams, the scene was necessary to Game of Thrones to give Arya "a little more humanity". Fans haven't been asking for more, but they're incredibly happy that the scene was included - it helps remind them just how fast Arya has grown on the show.

To see a teaser of episode three, check out the video below:

This was originally written for Narcity Quebec by Charlotte Poitras.

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