Sophie Turner is getting ready to say goodbye to the role that launched her career: her iconic fur cloaks and fiery red hair are being swapped for platinum locks, tattoos and short shorts.

Turner's new thriller Josie sees the Game of Thrones actor take on an edgy, tattooed character with a dark past. As she arrives in a small town and strikes up relationships with locals Marcus (Jack Kilmer) and her neighbour, a former Death Row corrections worker, Hank (Dylan McDermott). But her true intentions for arriving in the town are far more sinister than the local folk first realize.

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Directed by filmmaker Eric England, Josie is due to be released in March and is set to open the inaugural Mammoth Film Festival on February 8th. The event is being billed as a 'mini Sundance', according to Variety.

Aside from her new flick, Turner is set to dominate the screens in 2018. The actress will also star in next year's X-Men: Dark Phoenix as another titular character, the Dark Phoenix, alter-ego of telepathic mutant Jean Grey.

And let's not forget the 21-year-old is also getting hitched! Looks like this year is going to be a big one for Sophie Turner.

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