If you have yet to watch Stranger Things on Netflix, what are you doing?! There are only a couple of days until season 2 is released, just in time for Halloween. 

The full second season will be released on Netflix on October 27th, and some American media have had the chance to watch the new season. The reviews? It's f*cking amazing. 

A lot of people are wondering what they can do with the new season, since the mystery is resolved and pretty much over. 

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Season 2 seems to be all about running around Upside Down, a world that we discovered a little bit at the end of the last season. Apparently, there's a new monster, who is evil and whose motive is to destroy Hawkins as well as the whole world. The monster itself can be described as a spider with long legs, but an insect body. Gross. What's weirder is that Will describes the monster as a gust of wind, as if it weren't solid. So confusing, but I guess you'll just have to watch to clue in. 

Journalists who got a preview to the second season say it's scarier than the first. In fact, they had to sign a confidentiality agreement, and that's pretty much all they could say. 

According to GQthe magic of the beginning of the show isn't really there, because we know the small town of Indiana well and that it's set in the 80's. There's also a new teenager in town, but we'll also have to see if they're as endearing as Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Will or Lucas. 

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Critics who watched the show before the release praise the team behind the series, as they had to write, produce, and film the episodes a lot faster than the first time around, since so many people we're waiting on it. There are also a lot of people who were disappointed by the end of the first season who now say they're glad there's a second, because the first was hard to get through. 

All we really know about Stranger Things season 2 is that Eleven seems to make her way into the normal world. 

Original Article: Laurie Bergeron - Narcity Quebec

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