Twitter has been blowing up this past week with the news that all eight Harry Potter movies would be dropping on Netflix Canada on November 1st. Well that day has come and we've got some bad news - there's no Harry Potter. 

As it turns out, all the hype about Netflix bringing us the "boy who lived" was fake news. The streaming giant is launching the movies to their site, but only in two countries and Canada sadly isn't one of them. 


Netflix revealed on social media that all eight movies would hit their service in Belgium and France on November 1st. Unfortunately, this news got spread around and fans across the globe, including in Canada, thought Harry Potter was coming to them too. 

Now that November 1st is officially here, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the Harry Potter movies are not coming to Netflix Canada. Fans who have already heard the news are crushed, sharing their reactions on Twitter. 

As most people know, Netflix is a very regional service. This means that in every country they have different shows and movies available for viewers. In this case, only Belgium and France are lucky enough to get the Harry Potter franchise. 

Even though some people on Twitter seem to think that Canada is the only being left out here, you can rest assured we aren't. Despite the rumours and the hype, Harry Potter isn't going to be on Netflix UK or Netflix US today either. 


While Netflix Canada made it very clear a while ago that we aren't getting Harry Potter, there is still some hope for JK Rowling fans. This month "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" is officially coming to Netflix Canada. So at least there is some hope on the Harry Potter horizon. 

Source: What's On Netflix

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