It's almost that time of year again! As we countdown to Christmas and the rest of the holidays, The Bachelor's premiere date inches closer and closer! If you've forgotten, this season will star Bachelorette alum Arie Luyendyk Jr. - a race-car driver who got his heart broken by the beautiful, Southern blonde Emily Maynard. 

There are unsurprisingly a lot of blondes on Arie's season, but that doesn't mean a brunette can't steal his heart! Take a look at some of his leading ladies. 

Caroline, 26, Realtor.

Jessica, 26, Television Host. 

Lauren B., 25, Tech Salesperson. 

Brittane, 27, Marketing Manager.

Chelsea, 29, real estate executive. 

Amber, 29, Business Owner.

Kendall, 26, Creative Director. 

Bibiana, 30, Executive Assistant. 

Krystal, 29, Fitness Coaches.



Annaliese, 32, Event Designer

Valerie, 25, Server 

Seinne, 27, Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Nysha, 30, Orthopedic Nurse 

Olivia, 23, Marketing Associate

Bekah M., 22, Nanny

Tia, 26, Physical Therapist

Brittany T.,30, Tech Recruiter

Ali, 27, Personal Stylist

Ashley, 25, Real Estate Agent 

Marikh, 27, Business Owner. 

Lauren.J, 33, Recent Master's Graduate

Maquel, 23, Photographer 

Bri,25, Sport Reporter

Lauren G.,26, Executive Recruiter 

Jenna, 28, Social Media Manager

Lauren.S, 31, Social Media Manager

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