The highly anticipated new dating show The Proposal finally premiered last night, and it definitely has people talking. The show is a spinoff of The Bachelor franchise and describes itself as a "soul mate pageant" - or, a bizarre crossover between a cheesy dating show and Miss America.

The Proposal, hosted by ex-Bachelor Jesse Palmer, features ten eligible men or women, and one mystery bachelor or bachelorette. In four "pageant-style" rounds, the ten singles compete for the mystery person's love. From first impressions, to beach body competitions, to gaining the trust of their closest family member. 

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The best part is that there's an actual marriage proposal at the end of every episode. It's ridiculous, cheesy, and totally over the top - making it the perfect guilty pleasure show.

The Proposal premiered last night, and we've rounded up the top moments from episode one that'll make you cringe the hardest. 

1. The mystery man



We get that we can't see the mystery bachelor's face until the very end, but we cannot stop laughing at the blurred out silhouette that was used to conceal his identity. 

We just love the montage of the mystery man bench pressing weights, walking to his car, and doing other painfully masculine activities. All in his blurry grey morph suit. 

2. The bikini competition

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They definitely could've done without this round. The fact that Miss America, the very founders of the bikini competition, got rid of their bikini segment altogether should be a sign not to even go there. 

In the premiere episode, all ten of the female contestants paraded down the stage one by one to showcase their amazing beach bodies in high heels as they revealed something super personal about themselves. You just have to see it for yourself.

3. The actual proposal

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After the final round of the competition, mystery bachelor Mike reveals himself and makes his final decision. 

"I can't thank you guys enough for putting your hearts on the line," Mike says to his two final contenders as sentimental music plays in the background,  "I know from the beginning I never thought I would find somebody as special as you guys, and I never thought I'd find love. But, after hearing what you guys have to say, I feel like I have." 

Then, he gets down on one knee and proposes as if the two have known each other for years, as opposed to only spending an hour of televised time together.

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The Proposal has received some pretty mixed reviews on social media. People are ripping it apart, calling it a complete joke and "the saddest TV show in the world." But, that's also what people seem to love about it. 

"Dear ABC, You have sunken to a new low with The Proposal and I LIKE IT...This is the trainwreck show we never new we needed," one Twitter user said. It's kind of like Jersey Shore - the show everyone loves to hate.

But, we'll let you make the final decision. You can catch The Proposal every Monday night at 10/9 Central on CityTV in Canada. 


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