As you may have heard by now, the iconic Canadian TV series that is Schitt's Creek announced back in March of this year that its upcoming sixth season will be it's last. Since the show first aired back in 2015, people all over the world have fallen in love with the Rose family and their unforgettable antics. How will Schitt's Creek end? The show's final season is coming in 2020.

Although we don't have an official trailer for the upcoming season yet, there's still plenty of information out there that's given us a pretty good idea of what we can expect. If you're not fully caught up on the fifth season yet, you may want to stop reading here to avoid any spoilers!

A lot of viewers have been wondering if Schitt's Creek was canceled, but Dan and Eugene Levy wanted to make it very clear that the show was never canceled, they just felt that six seasons was enough time to tell the story in its totality.

In fact, the show was actually supposed to end with the fifth season, but the father and son duo decided to take the opportunity they were given and finish up their story in 28 episodes. Much like season five, viewers can expect 14 episodes for season six!

If you've watched season five, you probably remember the long-awaited engagement between Patrick and David. Audiences are wondering if the final season will include a wedding scene, and although the Levy's haven't officially confirmed anything, Dan did say, "We have a couple really nice big ensemble scenes this year."

Perhaps the biggest announcement that fans are waiting for is the official release date. Filming for the show wrapped up last month, so now all that remains is editing, which can be a tedious process. Schitt's Creek usually premieres in January, so we're hopeful that things will run as scheduled, but if not we should see season six by summer of 2020 at the latest.

One final thing that's been on people's minds is whether Schitt's Creek will ever be revived. In an interview with EW, Dan said, "I feel really confident that we’ve really mined everything we could, but the world doesn’t explode at the end of it. If there is something that comes up down the line that feels compelling enough to bring our troupe back together and continue to tell a story, so be it. I’m not one to lay down the iron fist and say, 'This is it forever.' This is just it for now."

So, there you have it! The sixth season will be packed full of hilarious jokes and heartwarming moments as per usual, audiences will get a complete ending, and we might even see more of the Rose family down the road.

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