Do you know those shows that seem to have a perfect cast and a good storyline, but then you give it a chance and realize you made the worst decision ever? Because not only is the show trash, but you're halfway through the first season and there's no going back now. That's exactly what happened with the Netflix Original Insatiable. With Debby Ryan and Alyssa Milano on board, it seemed like the perfect binge-watch. We were all wrong. The show, however, managed to rack up enough viewers to get themselves another season and now Insatiable season 2 will be hitting Netflix next week. 

A new trailer for season 2 was also released that has fans even more conflicted than they were while watching Insatiable season 1. Season 1 dealt with Patty Bladell who was bullied for being overweight. After becoming thin over summer break, she plots revenge on her bullies while also being recruited for a beauty pageant. We all know how season 1 ended, SPOILER ALERT! Patty killed someone, and it seems like season 2 is embracing that wholeheartedly. The show is going from a comedy with controversial jokes to a full-on How to Get Away with Murder-type crime show. 

Viewers of the show have taken to Twitter to talk about the newest season and they seem pretty conflicted. While there are some people who genuinely enjoy the show and are excited for season 2, most people just seem to be watching season 2 because of how bad the show actually is. This fanbase is made out of hate watchers. 

One Twitter user tweeted this before news of the season 2 release date even dropped, "Netflix needs to hurry up and make Insatiable season 2. I need another show to hate-watch."

This Netflix user said they "hated Insatiable's first season but"  they're "watching season 2" anyway. 

Someone even tweeted that season 2 looked as stupid as season 1 but they were still getting ready to binge-watch it. 

Others are in the same boat as I am and can't believe the show even got renewed, "Insatiable season 2 are you serious."  

After all, there was an entire petition during season 1 for the show to be cancelled after people felt the show was fat-shaming, among other controversial jokes. It's also disappointing to fans of shows like The OA with genuine content that got cancelled for no reason. 

Despite protests, the showrunner prevailed and Insatiable Season 2 starts streaming on Netflix on October 11. 

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