Netflix has definitely been pulling out all of the stops when it comes to their original productions, especially in regards to their book to movie adaptations. Who can forget the Summer hit that was Netflix's adaptation of To All The Boys I've Loved Before? It's clear Netflix has a knack for bringing our favourite stories to our streaming screens and thankfully, there is yet another one on the way. 

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The latest feature is a special one considering it's starring none other than Jennifer Aniston, making it the star's very first appearance in a Netflix original. To make matters even better, the movie in question is based off a best selling YA story that focuses on body positivity. 

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The book that the movie is based on is called Dumplin', which was first published back in 2015 and follows a plus sized daughter named Willowdean Dickson and her local pageant celebrity mother. After being fed up of feeling inadequate in the pageant world as a result of traditional beauty standards and seeing how they impacted her mother, Willowdean, who is regarded by her mother as Dumplin, she decides to enter a pageant to prove to everyone that beauty comes from within. 

We can't help but see a little bit of Rachel from Friends circa season 1 in the beauty obsessed pageant princess character that Jennifer Aniston plays. Though of course, the focal point of the movie isn't just Aniston's seemingly stellar performance from the trailer alone, but also the wholesome message the movie projects to young women. 

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Of course, fans of the book are already ecstatic over the casting and are dying to see the movie hit the popular streaming platform: 

While I might be jumping the gun by claiming that this flick will be a hit, considering it's based on a fantastic book, has a star-studded cast and Netflix's track record when it comes to adaptations, it's safe to say you are going to want to watch this one. Even Netflix is making the debut of this movie special considering not only will be released on Netflix but it will also be available in select theatres! 

Whether you want to watch it in theatres or from the comfort of your own couch, you can look forward to Dumplin' being released on December 7th! 

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